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The first public national blockchain in Africa

AZAKAN is a national public blockchain infrastructure that aims to provide support for businesses, startups and public services in Morocco. It serves as an enterprise blockchain network, enabling the creation of stable and trusted distributed business ecosystems.

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AZAKAN is compatible with your favorite technology

The Best Blockchain for Your Business

Leverage our expertise, differentiated architectures, end-to-end delivery, and ecosystem of partners to run your business workloads on enterprise-grade blockchain.

Solving the high-cost problem of DApp deployment and maintenance

AZAKAN aims to solve the high-cost problem of blockchain DApp deployment and maintenance by providing a public resource environment for your developers. You can accelerate the launch of your blockchain project and decrease deployment time by 50%.

Your data is private and safe

The data stored on AZAKAN's blockchain is secure, private, and safe.

No underlying cryptocurrency

AZAKAN operates the network without requiring cryptocurrency payments

Our vision

Our vision for AZAKAN is to establish a national blockchain network in Morocco to facilitate the creation of innovative blockchain-based projects and solutions that will drive digital transformation in Morocco and beyond.

Simply envision your project, and AZAKAN will take care of everything else for you!

Our global Solutions team helps enterprises, governments, non-profits, and startups build, test, and deploy their smart contract or blockchain solutions on AZAKAN.


Smart contract platform

AZAKAN provides the execution environnement for your smart contracts with ability to communicate with external APIs


Strong interoperability

AZAKAN offers a decentralized, resilient network for businesses and public services in Morocco, with cross-blockchain capabilities between the Azakan Business Blockchain and existing public blockchains.


High security

AZAKAN provides high security through various measures, such as advanced encryption algorithms, secure access controls, and trusted certificate authorities.

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